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"Human communication makes use of analog and digital modalities".
(Paul Watzlawick, 4th Axiom of Human Communication)

Digital is content, complexity and logic. Analog is relationship.

Currently, we are communicating more and more digitally and online. In the process, we often miss the interpersonal relationship.


Are you looking forward to meeting and exchanging ideas in a team, to being active, to thinking outside the box, to rethinking, to thinking creatively and, above all, to being together again?

Then these two formats are just right for you! As personal as possible, as digital as necessary. Digital and analog are good partners - also in team training.


Here's what it looks like in concrete terms:

1. The online format - an impulse workshop of 2 to 3 hours.

  • You will experience networked team projects in conference call
  • Examples: Master a complex virtual construction job or create the creative picture story thematically tailored to your business
  • The subsequent reflection moderated by our trainers and the transfer to your working environment will provide you with new insights into collaboration at close and distant range.


2. The hybrid format - a one-day workshop that combines online and action-oriented analog projects.

  • individual phases of the projects take place networked via online video platforms (e.g. brainstorming and creative planning rounds)
  • These are followed by practical phases of collaboration with head, heart and hand, which take place outdoors in the fresh air or widely in different rooms.
  • The result is an impressive three-dimensional building or a huge picture that unites all the ideas and contributions of the participants.


In addition to the interaction, in both formats you benefit from well-founded reflection rounds moderated by our trainers and including the topics that are currently important for your team.

We work together with you on solutions and derive useful action steps for your daily interaction.


This keeps your team connected and resilient - whether in the office, home office, production facility, or across remote locations.


The target groups for these offerings are employee, project, and executive teams, as well as trainees.




  • One laptop with microphone and camera per participant
  • access to a video conferencing platform
  • for the hybrid format: one or more meeting rooms, a piece of lawn, a small garden, a part of the parking lot, etc.

the practical analog exercises take place in compliance with the currently valid hygiene and distance rules

We coordinate the fine design of the content in detail with your objectives and desired topics. You will receive a tailor-made offer.

Price per person from € 49




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