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Ultimate GPS City Quiz Trail



Armed with your own smartphones and split up into teams, you set off on the Ultimate GPS City Quiz Trail from the location of your choice. Working as a team, you navigate to the various GPS points and unlock the challenges. Solve fun puzzles and tackle interactive photo & video challenges.


How does it work?

The teams download our “mobile adventures” event app onto their smartphones. In the app, the teams are shown GPS points which they have to navigate to in order to automatically unlock the challenges by way of GPS tracking. Team members then collaborate to solve these tasks.



  • Virtual: The participants start out from their home office or residential address around the world.
  • Hybrid: The participants play in small groups in one or more locations around the globe.
  • On site: The participants are all at the same location with the xpert team on site. Here, smaller teams are also formed.



€ 60.00 per person - 10 to 25 participants
€ 55.00 per person - 26 to 75 participants
€ 53.00 per person - 76 to 150 participants
€ 50.00 per person - 151 to 500+ participants

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