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Escape Game - Arctic Survival with Live Moderation


Can you escape from this terrible predicament?

Daylight is fading and the blizzard doesn’t seem to be subsiding at all. And you’re deep inside the Arctic circle! This is the situation you and your team find yourselves in. Amid thick snowfalls, you have lost your expedition’s guide, and for what feels like an eternity you have been wandering around lost in the snow. But suddenly you stumble across a deserted hut! This may be your only chance to survive!


The content of the game

In total, you have to master three levels in this game. In the process, you find hints, solve riddles and follow up on exciting clues. Bring an old radio transmitter back to life and try to give the rescue team your exact location. Unfortunately, you’ll have to hurry because the time is ticking away! Solve each of the tasks carefully and don’t forget to coordinate and collaborate well within your team.

With knowledge, skill and team spirit, you’re sure to make it!


What you need

The video conference is facilitated by a live host, who personally guides you through the event. This facilitator will be available throughout the session to assist your team with any questions or support requests they may have. Several days prior to the event, you will receive all the details the participants need to prepare themselves perfectly for the session. Armed with their laptops, smartphones and the Mobile Adventures app, they’re ready to get started!


Good to know!

  • We employ our professional event app, which is made available to you for the duration of the session.
  • Once everyone is logged in and ready to get started, we subdivide the groups into smaller teams.
  • As soon as all the modules have been completed, the final scores are calculated, and we celebrate the winners.
  • Entertaining photos and videos are generated during the event. Following the session, we share these special moments with all participants. Howls of laughter are guaranteed!
  • Duration of the event: 1.5 to 2 hours


Our offer includes

  • Free demo to get to know our event first-hand
  • Live hosting with gameplay instructions
  • Technical support and assistance during the game
  • Interactive photo and video challenges, incl. making the resulting images available following the event
  • Providing our event app with exclusive game content
  • Presentation and victory ceremony to conclude the event



€ 60.00 per person - 10 to 25 participants
€ 55.00 per person - 26 to 75 participants
€ 53.00 per person - 76 to 150 participants
€ 50.00 per person - 151 to 500+ participants

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