Virtuelle Teambuildings

Ideas competition for virtual kick off events

Ideas competition for virtual kick off events
Ideas competition for virtual kick off events

The best ideas come from the team. Using our virtual photo platform, you make the ideas of all participants visible in your virtual workshops and breakout sessions. The voting function ensures that the best ideas can be democratically selected by all participants. This not only gives your employees the feeling of being part of the big picture, but also provides you as a company with unimagined innovative leaps! Because the community is your advisor and thanks you for your participation with the best ideas.


✔ Creation of an individual activation microsite with photo upload function and voting

✔ Collaborative creation of the best ideas for the new year or a new product

✔ Complete campaign process online on any end device without app installation

✔ GDPR-compliant processes for full security

✔ favorable all-inclusive price regardless of the number of participants!


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