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Virtual Team-Poker: Playfully Boost Team Spirit

PLayfully boot your team spirit



Are you looking for a new way to experience something special as a team in virtual space? So that the motivation, team spirit and enthusiasm in your team grow playfully?

Welcome to the poker table!

Guided by a former poker-pro, you will enter the fascinating world of cards and chips. Of risks and chances. Of players and most importantly: people.

Using the Team-Poker-Concept, you will play together in groups of 2 and 3rd. You will meet and experience the people in your team in a new way. Play together, win together, and grow as a team.

Plus: Be ready to gain new impulses on topics such as decision-making, communication or risk. Impulses from which you will also benefit in business.

But above all: You will have tons of fun as a team!


Worth knowing & key facts

  • You don't need any previous poker knowledge for this online event. My Mini-Poker-Crash-Course-Video teaches you everything you need to know to enter the poker table!
  • Optimal & easy preparation for the event thanks to my 5 simple steps process
  • Moderated by an experienced business trainer and former poker pro
  • 2 hours of pure INTERAction (the whole team event will be 2.5 hours)
  • Innovative Team-Poker-Concept lets you play in teams of 2 or 3 people and ensures lots of communication and social bonding.
  • Ideal as a team event, kick-off, or incentive.
  • Intensive atmosphere through combination of sound effects, visuals, streaming software, and a real poker table
  • No software downloads necessary (only Zoom or MS Teams).
  • Maximum live feeling thanks to real poker table as well as live-streaming of the cards
  • For up to 15 participants

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bis 120 Minuten
ab 10 bis 50 Teilnehmer

Deutsch und Englisch

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